Meet Diann

Diann Aura

My name is Diann Aura, I’m an American psychoanalyst and author. Passionate about psychology, I decided to make it my profession but also share about it in this blog to spread awareness on mental health issues that are too often taken lightly and stigmatized. I want to write about what I am passionate about while helping a large number of people with various profiles.

I’m passionate about yoga. The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit word “yug” which means union: the union of body, mind and spirit or consciousness. It is a way to bring the different aspects of our personality into harmony. The techniques used include physical postures, breathing and meditation practices, and deep relaxation.

What makes my approach to therapy different is the combination of yoga with sophrology. Sophrology consists of a set of relaxation techniques, breathing, body movements, muscular relaxation and “visualization” of thoughts, inspired by the research (in neuropsychiatry, but also in hypnosis, yoga or Zen techniques) of Spanish psychiatrist Alfonso Caycedo, who died last September. The goal is to bring the “sophronizer” to focus on his positive thoughts and to feed on them to move forward in life and to know himself better.