Sophrology is a type of meditation, with different levels of practice. The practitioner uses movements, breathing techniques, and visualisations to create a calm and meditative state. The different levels each have a different goal, but they all involve bringing the mind and body together for an enhanced experience. The first level is designed to help you identify your personal values, and the last level focuses on achieving greater emotional well-being.

Sophrology is a form of meditation

Sophrology is a practice that encourages you to calm your nervous system, reduce stress, and find happiness. Practicing sophrology daily will help you cultivate greater serenity and peace, as it teaches you to live in the moment rather than in the past or the future. This practice may complement other physical therapies and spiritual practices, such as yoga. However, you should not practice this technique daily or expect to see results overnight.

It uses breathing techniques

Sophrology is a form of alternative medicine that employs simple mental and physical exercises to help people achieve greater balance. This method can be practiced anywhere, anytime, and can help people improve concentration, memory, physical health, and their overall sense of well-being. Some of the key benefits of Sophrology include increased self-confidence and less worry. These techniques can also help people overcome health problems such as depression, anxiety, and burnout.

It uses movement

Sophrology is a popular wellness technique that uses mental and physical exercises to help you achieve balance and harmony. Developed by neuropsychiatrist Prof. Alfonso Caycedo in Spain in the 1960s, this form of meditation combines techniques from yoga, Buddhism, and phenomenology to help you achieve the state of calmness and alertness. It does not require hours of practice, or expensive equipment.

It uses visualisation

Sophrology is a form of therapy which focuses on the power of visualisation to change the way our minds work. Visualisation works by setting an intention, which helps our brains rewire towards a new state of consciousness. There are many sophrology exercises you can try, such as head rotations, shoulder pumps, and more. These practices only take 10 minutes a day, and don’t require much knowledge to start.

It helps you develop self-knowledge

The practice of sophrology involves a series of exercises, including simple body movements and breathing techniques. It combines the principles of Tibetan Buddhism, western meditation, and traditional eastern healing methods. The book consists of three parts, the first of which includes a brief explanation of sophrology and the other two chapters are devoted to the actual exercises. Ultimately, sophrology helps you learn to develop self-knowledge, which in turn can help you develop a healthier lifestyle.